Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Etsy Store

I have always loved doing crafts but my love grew after having my baby girl. There were so many cute ideas and I tried them all but found I LOVED making accessories! Anything from leg warmers, shoes, hats, etc. My little girl was a baldy so I always made sure she had a headband on. (The few times I didn't, I was told I had a cute little boy!) My husband had to "approve" the headbands because he hated her having a mark on her head. This is when I started making my own!
I found a lot of cute headbands out there, but a lot of them were for elaborate occasions or photo prop. I wanted to create something for everyday. Something that was comfortable to have on around the house (for those picture moments) but cute enough to run errands.  Here is my 4th of July headbands I recently added.

I also just added some cute belts to the shop!  They really dress up a little outfit!

But lets take it back to the basics.  This is the original headband style that I started with and I still LOVE!
I'll do a tutorial soon on how you can create your own... or if you just want to buy one, you can just visit my Etsy shop!


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