Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My lil Diva

My little Ashtyn is going through a skirt and dresses only stage.  She has so many cute shorts and tops that she refuses to wear right now, so I'm on the hunt for cute skirts.  (I'm learning I need to pick my battles :)  Is it really that big of deal if she wants to wear a skirt or dress everyday?  I love that she is becoming more independent but sometimes it's hard to let her go.
This girl also loves to accessorize... but its usually princess shoes and things I won't let her wear out of the house! lol!
Ashtyn is now wearing a 4 or 4T which means that we are kind of in between sections.  It makes me sad when I have to go to the girls section instead of stay in the toddler section.  My baby is getting so big!

 Seriously can't get enough of that face!

Love these cute heart sunglasses!  I'm on the lookout for some cute ones for me!  So if you know of any place....

Sunglasses: Kohls
Sundress: Kohls
Shoes: Payless (old)


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