Friday, May 30, 2014

Roll With It and What I Wore

As I went in to teach my yoga class on Tuesday, I was informed that the lady who was suppose to be in the kids Zone, had an emergency and wasn't going to be there.  Ok so I had a dilemma.  Ashtyn (3)  wouldn't be too bad to take into my class and sit quietly while I tried to teach but Campbell (14 months) would be a different story.  I called my parents to see if there was any way they could watch them on such short notice but they already had plans.... so the conclusion was I was going to have to cancel my class :(  I made a lap in the gym to tell the people I knew who was planning on coming that there wasn't going to be class.... while making the rounds, I could tell that they were dissapointed, so I told them we would just do a short class if they didn't mind my kids in there being a distraction.  Everyone was more than happy to oblige!  I got out a yoga mat for Ashtyn and set it right by mine so she could at least try to do the yoga moves.  I also got some puffs out for Campbell, knowing that that would probably only buy me about 5 min.  I had about 20 people come into class, all who were very understanding, and we did about a 40 minute class.  I was so thankful for my students who inspired me to think out of the box and try to give them a little bit of yoga while the conditions were less than perfect (but all in all, my kids did pretty good!  Ashtyn did yoga the entire time and Campbell wasn't too bad either).  Isn't that life?  Nothing usually goes the way we have planned but we need to learn how to be flexible and go with it!

Since we're talking yoga, this was just a fun pic from last week on my Instagram!

Dave's birthday was on Sunday, so on Saturday we went to the outlet malls and did a little shopping.  He's very picky about clothes so I learned its better to let him pick them out.... and I NEVER mind going shopping ;)  So this is what I wore to the outlets.  After seeing these pics, I've decided if I wear this outfit again, I should wear heels because these shorts make my legs look a bit hefty!.... but I knew heels were a no go here!

 I'm such a poser. gah!

 I love this necklace and wanted to get a picture of it, but of course when your husband is being your photographer, he doesn't notice things like the c on your necklace is flipped up!

So I've been obsessed with lately.  It's the first website I check in the morning and usually end up getting some pretty killer deals.  I got this shirt and this necklace off of there not too long ago. I don't remember what vender the shirt is from but the necklace is from Tom Design.  They have a cute etsy shop and I love their from Idaho.  (Holla to my home state whoop whoop!)


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