Monday, May 12, 2014

The Year of Change

2014 has definitely been a year of change for us!  My husband decided to start his own business and I quit my job teaching hip hop that I've had for 6 years.  Pretty big changes!  Dave's change has been coming for a while now, it was just hard to finally pull the trigger.  But once we did, it's been amazing... and no turning back!  My decision was done more on a whim.  With two kids (and Dave starting his own business), my job was suppose to be the spending money and the no stress job.  But Dave was having to come home early to be with the kids and I seemed to always be stressed out... and doing way more work at home than I ever intended to.  I just kind of had one of those ah ha moments, you know?  I was driving in my car and just decided that this needed to be my last year coaching.  Once I decided that this was the right decision, I went through a lot of emotions.  I was relieved, happy, then went to sad, and worried.  I LOVED my job... but I love my family more, and wanted to look back at the end of the day and know I did everything I could to be a good mom.  
My Senior Hip Hop team qualified to go to Dance Worlds in Disney World (which just took place at the end of April.)  I decided that would be my last competition.... and what a way to end!  We ended up taking 11th in the World, out of 40 teams in our division.  We also made so many great memories that I will treasure forever!

 Of course you have to do a handstand at midnight in Disney World!

Sometimes decisions for your family is not fun to make, but I know it will be VERY worth it in the long run!  I will learn to adjust to being a stay at home mom and filling my time being busy for my family.  I also feel like now I don't have a reason to not cook and keep an orderly house... so the pressure is on!


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