Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What I Wore

Ok guys, I'm really doing this section to get me out of wearing my yoga pants everyday!  The problem is, I teach yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays and it's just so darn easy to go run errands right afterwards...still in my yoga clothes!
Being a Kinesiology major in college (lets just be honest, I was a PE major :)  I got into the habit of wearing sweats to class, because half of my classes involved doing something active.  10 years later, I'm still in that habit!  I wanted to do this section to make me accountable for getting dressed and trying to look cute at least a couple of days a week ;)
Now that I am a mom of two and getting older, I'm realizing I'm unsure of my style!  I don't know what section to shop in when I go to department stores (too old for juniors, too young for the old lady section:),  And lets just face it, after the kids, some styles are better off left for the teens and young 20 something girls!  But I also don't want to look like I've "given up".  So hence, the "What I wore" section of this blog is born!  I've been noticing too, that I play it way too safe with my clothes these days.  Never taking risks or being afraid of feeling uncomfortable.  So here's to breaking out of the yoga pants and into finding my style!

cardigan: Gap (old)
shirt: Kohls
pants: Big Star (old)
shoes: Target
necklace: James Avery


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