Saturday, July 12, 2014

Friday Faves... on Saturday

Ok I'm a day late on my post.  This seems to be the story of my life lately...but better late than never!

1. Favorite Quote/ printable: Kindess is always fashionable.   I love this quote!
2. Favorite fruit/snack: cherries and mangoes.  I am LOVING fresh fruit as a snack right now!
3. Favorite water bottle: Hydro Flask.  Honestly, this water bottle is AMAZING!  It keeps your so cold on these hot summer days.  And to tell you the truth, I am not a water drinker.  I have to consciously tell myself to drink water so this water bottle helps me out a lot.  I won't let myself have a diet coke until I drink this whole water bottle.
4. Favorite obsession: stacked bracelets... I've been making my own (I'll show you later) and          checking out some awesome Etsy stores!
5. Favorite Trend: Pineapple.  Anything pineapple.  I found this shirt at Nordstrom but it's sold out right now :(  Bummer!


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