Wednesday, September 17, 2014

26 Days Away From Home

Where I recently became a stay at home mom, with the exception of teaching yoga, I decided to do what most of my friends do here in the summer.  We left for a drier climate, Idaho/Utah for 26 DAYS.  My goodness thats a long time to be away from reality!  But I'll probably do it next year too!

I'm originally from Idaho and Dave's from Utah so we love to go back home and see family and friends.  We spent the first week in Utah with Dave's family.  I think in all of our married life, this is the first time we've spent a whole week with his family.  Usually our entire trip is a week and so we have to split it equally between Idaho and Utah.

The airplane ride went.... mmmmok.  Thank goodness Dave and I were both there to wrangle Cam!  He does NOT like to sit still.  I learned a lot of tips and tricks of traveling with a toddler, which I wrote about HERE

.  The first thing I learned though is to make sure YOU are comfortable.   You do a lot of moving when traveling with a young toddler and I decided being comfortable and casual was important.  I wore my awesome Lululemon harem pants, Converse shoes, white shirt and flannel around my waist.  Not gonna lie, I was digging my look.... until my husband kept making fun of me!  How rude huh!  He just doesn't know style. Lol!

One of the main things I miss living in Idaho/Utah is the view.  It doesn't get any prettier!

The next day was church.  Of course I had to make sure to bring Ashtyns cutest skirt.  I recently got this cute little skirt from Hemlime Mom on Etsy.  They have the cutest things!

While we were in Utah, Dave's sister and her family were visiting from Arizona and we LOVED spending time with them.  They use to live by us and then decided to move.... I'm not holding a grudge or anything!  

We also went to Lagoon and had so much fun!  The kids were awesome and little Ashtyn is a ride fanatic like her momma!  She didn't get scared on anything and loved all the rides that she could get on!  It was 104 degrees that day so the heat and the fun really took it out of the kiddos!

We did lots of fireworks since we were in Utah during July 24th.  Little Cam yanked a sparkler out of Dave's hand and burnt his head.  My poor baby!  I think Dave and I hurt more than he did but the little stinker wouldn't leave the bandaid on!

The next leg of the trip was heading to Idaho!  Dave flew out after a week, so my sister came down and picked me and my kids up so we could stay with her for a week.  I think after the 4 hour drive, she was ready to just keep on driving us to my other sisters house!  As I've said before, Cam is just SO LOUD!  But honestly, this picture melts my little moony heart!

All of my family got together for FHE (family home evening) the next day.  Once a month, my extending family meet together for this.  They switched days so me and my family could be there.  It was so nice to be a part of that, and see so much of my family at once.  Me and my sisters have so much fun!  We are all so different but it works!  Plus we all have daughters pretty close in age.

I know the picture is a little blurry but here's me and 2 of 3 of my sisters.

The next day we went to Jump Idaho.  I've never been to a trampoline place like this and  I loved that they had a specific area designated for 3 and under.  There was some big kids there, but they were so good to watch out for the little ones if they wandered into the main area.  I was so impressed with them!  We also had a picnic and shopped A LOT!

While in Idaho, Dave's grandma passed away, so Dave flew back the next weekend to attend the funeral, and we drove back down from Idaho.  Although it was sad, we felt very blessed that the whole family was able to be there.

We then headed back up to Idaho to spend some time with my other sister.  She lives in a small, rural town with a big backyard, great neighbors, chickens, cows and a huge garden.  Staying with her made me miss the country life.  Ashtyn and her cousin Maci practically lived outside while we were there!  They gathered the eggs each day, while we worked in the garden, picked raspberries and had great "garden" dinners.  We also made lots of time to go shopping!  There were so many cute little boutique shops that we HAD to visit!  I laugh because here I live in the outskirts of Houston, a major city, and I'm doing all this shopping in these little Idaho boutiques.  But I definitely got some cute clothes!

One of my old college dance buddies opened her own studio close to my sisters place and was putting on a summer camp while we were visiting, so of course I had to put Ashtyn in it!  

I was also able to continue my yoga education while I was in Idaho and take Level 3 yoga fit training.  I love taking yoga trainings!  I always leave feeling so refreshed and excited to teach my class the things I learn.

I made time to visit my college town, Pocatello, and have lunch with a few good friends.  Driving down the streets sure brought back some good memories!  We had so much fun reminiscing about old times and just hanging out with the girls.  I seriously have the best girlfriends!

By this time, although I LOVED my vacation, I was missing my husband, my bed, and my routine.  If I had to do it over again, I don't think I would've cut it any shorter though.  It was nice not feeling rushed to do anything.  I'm excited to plan a trip back next year! 


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