Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Easy Felt Flower Tutorial

I love making cute hair accessories. I love EASY hair accessories even more! This felt flower is not only cute, and versatile, but super easy. Like, I need a flower for my daughters hair 10 min. before church starts easy.  So do you want to learn how to make them?  Here we go!

The supplies you'll need:

  • felt
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • hair clip

Start by cutting a long strip of felt 1.5" wide.  How long your felt is depends on how big you want your flower.  I used the felt thats the same size as a sheet of paper, and just cut the length of it.  I liked the size of flower it gave me.

From here, fold your strip in half (the hot dog way) and glue the edges down. 

Cut little slits in your felt.  You decide how wide you want.  I personally liked cutting them close together, but you can experiment and cut them wider, or even at a diagonal.

All you do is roll your flower up, making sure to glue as you go.

Fluff (or smash) your flower to give it the shape you want.  Cut a round piece of felt to glue to the back.

Decide if you want to put a pin or hair clip on the back and there you have it!  A cute felt flower!  You can keep it smaller, add a couple together, add some leaves... just be creative and have fun!

You can always follow my DIY Flowers and headbands board on Pinterest if you want more ideas!

Follow Jana's board DIY Flowers and headbands on Pinterest.


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