Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Whole30 Update

So it's 2 weeks today since we've started Whole30.  After the first week, we were feeling really good!  Our energy levels were up, we were sleeping well, and just felt good overall!  Then last week was Thanksgiving.  I did cheat, just a little, but only for the Thanksgiving meal.  We made sure all leftovers that weren't approved went home with other people.  I don't think cheating was good.  After Thursday, it's been a little tougher.  I find myself craving everything I'm not suppose to have.  It's hard to stay motivated to cook every meal.  I feel like I really need a diet coke.
But, there have been too many positives to quit.  The biggest one so far is in my Ashtyn.  Ever since she's been potty training, she has a hard time pooping.  She goes maybe once a week... even taking fiber gummies and Miralax.  All of a sudden she's been going almost every other day!  That alone is enough for me to continue cooking this way!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Whole30 Recipes instagram page.  Each week they have a different guest instagrammer that posts recipes at least three times a day.  I love how it keeps it fresh and exciting... and it's fun to see what other people are eating while living this way!  The picture below is an example of some of the yummy recipes they feature!

It's been tough, but I know it's worth it... And I'm still excited to be one of those crazy healthy eating people!


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