Friday, January 30, 2015

Insta Friday

Hey guys!  Hope you all had a fabulous week!  The weather so "cray" this week!  It started off so beautiful, I'm talking in the 70's, wearing shorts kind of weather... and then it turned.  Today it was rainy and high in the 50's.  I know I shouldn't be complaining about 50's to all those people up north, but it was cold!

Have you ever checked out Maskcara's blog.  This girl is amaze balls!  Her makeup tutorials and tips are awesome!  I was feeling like I was in a makeup slump the other day and went to her sight and was totally rejuvenated!  I also decided I had to have her foundation... well actually the whole custom pallet.  Can't wait to get it!

Okay, on with Insta Friday.

My little Ashtyn loves to draw.  She will sit there and make painting after painting!  I'm really glad she got her dad's painting skills instead of mine!

I got my new A&L tags!  Woohoo!  I think they put a nice finishing touch on the beanies!
And this boy... he is such a stinker sometimes but is so lovable!  I just want to kiss his face off!

I made my first loaf of bread all by myself.  And it was good!  Look at me all domesticated!

Okay now lets talk about this awesome ring and necklace.  This is hand stitched by the one and only Wildflower Threads on etsy.  You need to check out her shop!  It's seriously awesome!  Like I want to buy everything!

Look out for this scooter gang!  They're a pretty rough bunch!  Like we say around our house, no shirt, no shoes, no problem!

Ashtyn's preschool held a "Daddy's night"  where the daddy's came to school one evening and watched what the kids do each day.  Ashtyn was so excited for it!  She has the best daddy who decided to make a whole date of it.  So they first went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner before heading to school.  She gets fancier dates than I do! lol!  Sounded like they both had a really good time!

Hope ya'll had a great week!  Now to celebrate the weekend!!!!


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