Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Sun Salutations

Hi everybody.  Sorry I haven't posted in a while!  I REALLY enjoyed our Christmas break!!!  But now I'm back and ready to roll!
 I wanted to share with you a quick post about how I do my sun salutations.  It's pretty close to the traditional way, but where I do them so much, I start to get bored, and have to put my own little twist on things sometimes!

So lets get started!  Oh by the way, I had a little helper that really wanted to do what mommy was doing :) 
Begin in mountain pose.  

Inhaling lifting the arms up, exhaling swan dive forward, forward fold.  Inhaling monkey lifting the heart, exhale forward fold.  

Step right leg back to lunge, lifting body for crescent lunge.  

Release hands back down to the ground and step left leg steps back to plank.  

Exhale chaturanga, making sure to keep your elbows hugging your side.  Inhale up dog drawing the shoulders back, exhale another chaturanga, and push back into down dog.  If the second chaturanga is hard to do with good form, leave it out and go from up dog to down dog.  

Looking at your hands, hop the feet forward into forward fold.  

Keeping the knees bent, come into chair.  Stay here or begin to sit back so much that you rock back.  Coming back to chair.  Exhaling forward fold.

Inhale reverse swan dive, bring the hands back to the heart.

And that's it!  Please remember that from is everything when practicing sun salutations.  If you start to feel tired or you know your not able to keep good form, please modify any way you feel fit. 

Sorry about the random spaces in the pictures and words.  I've been messing with it for over an hour and this is the best I could get it to look!  UGH!!!

* Please make sure to talk to your doctor before starting any for of exercise.  Ashes and Lace is not responsible for any injuries.


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