Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What to Take to the Beach... with a toddler

  We are lucky to live only an hour plus from a beach.  It's not a pretty beach but its a beach!  I've done everything from forgetting the sunscreen to forgetting my entire diaper bag making the trip super fun ;)  When taking small children, sometimes it seems not worth the hassle, but remember your making memories!  As long as you are prepared, even YOU can have fun at the beach!  Here are some helpful tips that I've found to make your beach day as fun and relaxing as it should be!

  • I'm sure you know this already, but don't go to the beach thinking your going to kick back, read a book and lay there working on your tan.  When you bring kids, especially toddlers to the beach, you have to change your expectations.  In fact, let go of any expectations!  Little ones are constantly moving and needing things.  
  • One of my friends brings a little kiddie pool!  This way her baby/toddlers can play in the water without being in the big scary ocean!  Isn't she brilliant?  I mean, I would've NEVER thought of that but it was so nice to have the little ones in a contained area.  
  • Get everything ready the night before!  It seems the morning of, my mind isn't working as it should and something always gets forgotten.  
  • Have a packing list so you can check things off
  • Bring LOTS of sand toys... I mean A LOT!  Like, I bring a whole laundry basket full if we have room.  At the end of every summer, I try to stock up on the sand toys because they always get lost or broken, or gross.
  • I like to put an extra pair of clothes for everyone in the gallon size ziplock baggies.  That way they stay sand free!  Most of the time I don't even use them, but the one time I forgot the extra clothes, I wish I hadn't!
  • I also make sure to bring a cooler full of snacks and drinks.  This keeps everyone happy!
  • I'm sure you've heard by now, but baby powder is awesome to get the sand off before you get in the car.
  • Make sure to pack A LOT of swim and regular diapers.  But don't put your baby in the swim diaper during the drive.  They don't absorb liquid so if your baby pees on the drive, it will be all over!  Learned that one from experience!  I've also found that I like to use the washable swim diapers.  I bought one from Academy for around $8  and found that it has saved us tons of money!  Those swim diapers are expensive!  I still bring some of the disposable ones as a back up, but I love the washable one.
  • Use one of those dollar store net hampers to put all of the sand toys in.  That way all of the sand falls out as our walking to the car instead of going home with you!

Ok so here is my beach packing list:
- sunglasses
-extra change of clothes
-beach towels
-swim diaper
-sippy cup
-extra swimsuit for the kids
-sand toys
-baby powder
-blanket to spread out for the kids on the sand
-water shoes
-kiddie pool
-some sort of shade (Umbrella)
-snacks and water

Am I missing anything?  Let me know your best tips and tricks for a successful beach day!  

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