Friday, May 22, 2015

Exciting News For The Garrett Household And a RAOK Project

 So you may have noticed I've been a little MIA lately.  That's because we're having another baby! We're so excited to add another baby GIRL to our family but with that being said, this has by far been my hardest pregnancy. I was nauseous for 18 weeks and right after I got over that, I got this horrible chest cough that I can't do anything about!  On top of all that , I've been SO TIRED! Like take naps each time I put Cam down tired!  And usually my most productive time is after the kids go to bed, but I dont want to do anything but sit on the couch and watch TV ... So if you have any good shows your watching lately, let me know!  But I'm not complaining!  I just hope for a happy healthy full term baby!

I'm trying to be the best mom I can be.  Thats one reason I decided to quit my job teaching hip hop... I wanted to really focus on my kids.  I wanted to take them to the park without always looking at the clock to make sure I leave on time.  I wanted to be present for them during the day.  I think thats easier said than done.  Now I find myself constantly fretting over cleaning my house (which never looks clean)  or some other project thats not really important.  One way to try to get me out of this slump is by having meaningful activities that I've planned in advance (thanks to Pinterest).  One activity we did this week is doing random acts of kindness (RAOK).  I've been talking to my kids about the importance of doing something kind for someone else and the great feeling we get inside.  I found these cute printables HERE on Sugar Bee Crafts Blog and they were exactly what I needed!
One way we used them, which was suggested on Sugar Bee's blog was to tape some quarters to the paper and tape it onto a vending machine.

  Ashtyn loved this one because I hardly let her stop at one. She thought it was pretty cool that some child will be able to use them without having to use their own money. 

 I then let her ride the horse which was thoroughly enjoyed!  I loved doing this little project with my kids because it really opened the door for us to talk about kindness and not wanting something in return.  What is something you've done to help your children learn about kindness?


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