Saturday, May 9, 2015

New Years Resolutions and My One Little Word

I know its kind of late for a New Years Resolution post but I found this and realized I never posted it!  The good thing is, I can look at it now and decide what I need to focus on a little more... which is all of it but I'm not giving up on it!  Better late than never!

How do you feel about New Years Resolutions?  I know that even though I might not keep most of them, its kind of refreshing knowing that you can start over and try to do, to be better for the upcoming year.  I really put some thought into thinking of meaningful resolutions.  Usually mine are all about trying to lose weight or drink more water, blah blah blah.  Although I think that's important, the way I look on the outside doesn't define the whole me.  So here are some goals that I will be visiting often this year.

  • Hang more pictures in my home of Christ and the temple.                                                                I was looking around my house the other day and realized I have one picture of the temple and thats it.  No pictures of Christ or anything about our religion.  I feel like my religion helps define who I am so its kind of weird that I haven't displayed anything.  I remember the pictures I grew up with and I want my children to have those same memories.  Learn what I believe HERE
  • Be more present with my kids.  I'll never get this time back with them so I want to enjoy every minute.  I find myself sometimes just counting down the time until I can put them to bed, to finally have some peace and quiet, but when they're actually in bed, I kind of miss them.  I know that sounds crazy but I think of the cute things they've done during the day and it makes me want to give them big snuggles.

  • Do more service.  My husband is a perfect example of doing service for others and wanting nothing in return.  I've realized that I talk about service and even think about it a lot but I'm not actually doing any service.  My day gets pretty self absorbed with the kids and my to do lists that I don't feel like I have time to do service.  Isn't that a horrible excuse?  So this year, I'm going to stop making excuses or think about how busy I am, and just have an open heart and look for opportunities to serve.  Recently I was introduced to a website called Just Serve.  It's awesome because sometimes we want service projects but don't know where to start.  This website allows you to search what is available in your area.  It does not include volunteer opportunities that are fundraisers.  So there's no Relay For Life or any other program that is asking you to get money.  Check it out, it's really a great resource! 

  • Establish a budget and stick to it.  We've never been very good at keeping a budget but this year, I am determined to learn how to make and keep one.  I always get so overwhelmed when reading all of the different advice and end up throwing in the towel and not doing any of it.  I think we've finally come up with a system that's not complicated and will help get us on the right track.
  • Fix our foundation of our house.  We've known it needs to be done for years but it's so hard to pull the trigger and do it.  It's such a big chunk of change that no one ever realizes you spent.  But it HAS to be done before we do any more cosmetic work.
  • Keep my house "drop by" clean.  Not gonna lie, I start fixating on the little things and let the rest of the house get a little crazy.  It doesn't take that long to make sure all the toys are picked up and sweep the floor.... so I'm going to try to do that first before I start working on those little piles.  
  • Read my scriptures every day.  I feel such a difference when I'm reading my scriptures daily.  I'm following an instagram account called @newtestament365.  I love how they tell you what to read and have a question that everyone discusses in the comments.  It's awesome.  I love reading everybody's insights.

  • And of course, try to be healthier by making better food choices and drinking more water.  My hubby bought me this Brita water bottle and its a game changer for me!  I don't drink water.  I don't like it.  I would much rather drink a diet coke, so I literally have to force myself to drink even a little water.  For me, having a new water bottle with a filter did the trick in getting me to at least, drink 32 oz.  Another thing we've done to try to be healthier is the Whole30 challenge around Thanksgiving and we actually really liked it.  It definitely makes me think about my food differently and how certain foods affect my body.  

I also decided to participate in the one little word this year.  The word I chose is BE.  Lately I'm almost anxious if I'm not looking at my phone, or doing something.  I know I'm missing out on precious moments with my kids by being this way so I'm going to focus on just being present. 


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