Monday, July 20, 2015


Awwwww summer!  We have a love/hate relationship right now.  It's so hot and humid here in Houston that I dread going out even to my car, but I love letting the kids out to play and pulling out the kiddie swimming pool.  Sometimes I wish we had a real pool but I know I would be a stressed out mess trying to make sure the kids were safe around it.

Okay so here's our Insta friday.  I have 2 Instagram accounts.  One is for my personal life (@janaleegarrett) and one is for my Etsy shop (@ashesandlace).  Hope you have a great weekend!

I love this cute little girl of mine!  She definitely makes our lives better!

Love this shirt from FlintNFire paired with our headband

Have you seen the new leather styles added to the shop?  Find this one HERE

Another new headband!  Can you tell I've been busy?  Find it HERE

I'm so excited to get my chapbook!  So easy to order and I'll give a full review when I receive it!

Hope you all had a great week!


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