Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How To Distress And Die Jeans

Lately I've seen so many pairs of cute distressed jeans on all ages and I couldn't help myself but to think, I can do that!  I looked at a lot of different styles and watched all sorts of YouTube videos before I attempted my first pair.  I then went to Goodwill and bought some jeans for my daughter to start practicing on.  You know what, I LOVED the way they turned out! I then tried to do a pair for my 2 year and hated them! Hahaha! I guess I got pretty cocky from my first pair! I since have made more and could say I'm a little obsessed! They're so much fun to make and my kids look so cute in them!

So here's what I do!

You will need:
-rubber bands
-something to die (pants, shorts, skirt)

I first take my pants and distress them.  You can do this however you like, but I like to make some holes in the knees and fray around the pockets.  I do the knees by cutting slits in the pants with scissors.  I then take a seam ripper and usually do the top of the pocket... just to give it that more worn look.  I then put the jeans in the washer and dryer and then cut all the excess strings.  From here, I take my seam ripper again and just kind of wiggle it in the holes to get some more white to show if I feel like it needs it.

Here's a little closer look!

From here, I start wrapping rubber bands all around them.  I like to start at the bottom, or leg, and work my way up to the waist.  When I think I'm done rubber banding, I add a couple more :)

This is what they look like when they are all balled up!

I then take my bucket and fill it with a mixture of bleach and water.  I kind of just dump the bleach in, so I'm not exactly sure what the ratio is but its probably like 2 parts water to 1 part bleach.  I then put my pants in the mixture, making sure they are all the way in the water, and let them sit there for what seems like forever!  I check them every hour to see if they look about done.  And by done, thats really a personal preference.  I've thought a pair was done before, but after unbanding them and rinsing them off, I decided to wrap them again and let them go for a couple of more hours.

This pair actually stayed in the bleach water mix for about 5 hours!

From here, I put them in the wash again to get the bleach smell out!  You're done!  If the first pair doesn't turn out exactly how you want it, try again!  Even if you do the exact same thing, they all turn out a little different!

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