Tuesday, September 8, 2015

School Lunch Ideas

Is it sad that school only started a couple of weeks ago and I'm already bored with making lunches?!?!  My daughter is in preschool and only goes on Tuesday and Thursdays so I know I shouldn't complain....but still. 

 I've been looking up some suggestions of things she'd actually eat and that are practical for our family.  All the cut out sandwiches are cute and all, but lets face it, that might happen once in a while but not very often!  So I've been searching all over for some great tips tricks and ideas and wanted to share my findings!

Organization is key!  Martha Stewart has this great Magnetic lunch chart that your kids can help be involved in what's being packed.  Boom!  They're happy, your organized and your all set!

Peanut Blossom has an awesome post about packing lunches.  She gives us suggestions of materials to use and methods of presentation and then gives us a 30 day plan of no repeat lunches!  Just what I need!

Handmade Mood gives us some great combinations so we don't get stuck always putting the same thing in the lunch boxes.  I love how she has a chart with it categorized into main entry, side dish and dessert.  

My Life and Kids has rounded up some more ideas for a packed lunch.  I love how this list includes everything from breakfast foods to hot sandwiches.  Super inspiring!

Here's another round up of 10 great lunch ideas!  Are you ready to start making your lunches a little more exciting yet?

We haven't forgot about those of you who are trying to live a Paleo lifestyle!  Our Paleo Life has some yummy (and practical)  ideas!

Switch things up by packing a hot lunch.  When you use a good thermos, the food will stay warm for quite a while!  Check out The Organised Housewife and the great recipes and ideas she has!

One good thing by Jillee has a super yummy smoothie recipe that would be fun to send in your childs lunch box!

Heres another great printable list from The Chirping Moms that can help you add variety to your school lunches!

And for those days that you don't want to think about being creative at all.  Go with your basic PB and J but roll it like sushi instead!  Such a great idea by Glory's Mischief!

I hope you were able to find these ideas helpful!  Pick which one works best for you and your family and next time you find yourself in a crunch, you now have a place to turn to for some different ideas! Thanks for looking and make sure to pin this post for easy access next time!


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