Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What To Bring A New Mom

Can I just say I love my community and my church?  After bringing Marley home, I've realized what great people I am surrounded by.  The sisters in my church ward are all so willing to give service and help out and it's made me realize I need to be better.  Better at asking someone what they need, or following a prompting or an instinct to serve someone when the opportunity arises.

After coming home with the baby, we've had dinners delivered to us straight for the first week and then Dave's parents came to town so I've been very spoiled!

Now everyone is different but I wanted to share with you some things I really liked:

1-Maybe check to see if that meal has already been provided for them.

 I LOVED having a home cooked meal delivered!  The only thing I would suggest is to make sure to keep in contact with the family you are bringing it to.  I love chicken enchiladas but we did get it three times in a week...

2- Let the family know that you are bringing a meal and what time they can expect you.

There was a couple of times where it was getting kind of late and I knew someone was going to bring us a meal, but I didn't know who or what time they were going to come.  So make sure to contact the family early and let them know the game plan.

3- Adding a dessert is AWESOME!!

It doesn't have to be anything big (think store bought cookies)  but having something sweet was so nice!  Especially for the kids (wink wink)

4- Remember the baby is a newborn and shouldn't have much contact with people

Now everyone who brought me a meal was awesome about this but I was a little concerned people would want to stay, hang out and hold the baby.  This is where mama bear comes out and I felt a little over protective about so many people being in contact with my baby who was only days old.  It was really nice that people understood this and a lot of my friends said they would come back to hold her when she was a little older.  (Even the next week seemed a little safer to me.)

5- Take the other kids even for an hour or two.

I was very reluctant to let someone take my other two kiddos because I didn't want them to feel like the baby was more important than them or that I didn't want them around... but after a couple of days of being couped up in the house, they were ready to get out!  And mama was ready to let them get out! lol!

6- Come visit

The world kind of stands still for a new mom.  But at the end of the first or second week, I was getting ancy.  I felt a little left out! hahah!  I knew other people were going to the park or doing something else and I felt a little stuck.  It was very refreshing to have some of my close friends stop by and bring me a diet coke and hang out for a bit.

7- Don't feel like you have to bring a gift when you come and visit

I had a couple of friends who were feeling bad because they didn't bring a gift when they came over but let me tell you, I was just really glad to see them!  I could care less whether they brought a gift.  Their presence alone was a huge gift!

Hope you find this helpful next time someone has a baby!  Thanks for reading!

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  1. What a wonderful post. You've given terrific advice. Best wishes to you and your lovely family. Happy New Year. Koko