Wednesday, November 4, 2015

packing for the hospital for delivery

Even though this was my third child, I still scoured the internet to know exactly what I should be packing to take to the hospital.  My sister just had a baby 4 months ago so I made sure to call her for any good last minute tips.
(Sorry the quality of pictures aren't the best.  I was busy having a baby! lol)

Remember everyone is different and there are TONS of posts out there about what to pack, but this was the REALISTIC items for me.  I am not a very high maintenance person,  especially in the hospital so I didn't worry about bringing lots of clothes or personal items.

I did put makeup on right before delivery because I knew we would be snapping pics and I didn't want to look like death!  hahhah!  But then I didn't worry about it again until I got home.  I even had to stay a couple of extra days so my friends and family got to see me all natural!

Here were the essentials that I packed and used:
  • a robe- I loved having my robe close by any time I had to get up, and especially when changing rooms.
  • my own pillow- Like I said earlier, I had to stay a couple of extra days and having my own pillow made it so much easier to sleep and be comfortable.
  • blanket- same a pillow... and I get cold easy!
  • boppy pillow- it made it nice to have this when I started nursing my baby
  • makeup
  • makeup remover/cleansing wipes
  • lip balm- I was so happy I had packed this because my lips got super chapped
  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • snacks- Even though you can't eat before delivery, I got the munchies while I was there 
  • nursing tank- It was nice to have something under my gown and something that was easy to nurse in
  • nursing bra- again nice to have for a little more coverage
  • glasses- I usually wear contact all the time, but they got super dry in the hospital so my glasses felt SO good.
  • gift for sibling from baby- For my kids, this made them instantly warm up to our new addition.
  • Ipad/phone- TV is horrible in the hospital... at least it was in my room.  The picture was super fuzzy and there was nothing on that I was interested in at all.  I was so happy I had my iPad where I use Ibooks.  Between taking care of baby and in between visitors and sleeping, it was nice to have my book.
  • make sure you bring loose clothing for afterwards.  As much as I want to be THAT person that walks out in a cute tighter shirt in my pre pregnancy jeans... it aint happenin.  I actually still look pregnant 2 weeks later, which is super annoying! gah!
  • Take home outfit for baby.  
  • If its a girl, bring some bows.  I liked having some cute bows and hat for all the hospital pictures.
  • Nurses gift- This time I brought a little gift for some of my nurses and I'm so glad I did!  I had some AWESOME nurses and was glad that I had a little something to let them know how much we appreciated them!

Don't worry about bringing diapers and things like that.  The hospital provides that kind of thing.  Also, before you leave, take everything  you can get your hands on!  They expect you to take them so don't feel bad!  
The nose suckers the hospital are so much better than the ones you can buy at the store so make sure to take it!  And if you have a cool nurse, see if you can get an extra ;)
Remember, your not going to a nice luxurious hotel where your going to dress up and go out to dinner, so pack a bag or two and leave the rest!  Because what you pack, you just have to unpack when you get home :)


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