Wednesday, March 30, 2016

It's Time

I totally see why mom's get frumpy.  I've never been a real big "dress up" person anyway... I love me some good yoga pants and tshirt!  But now that I'm a mom of 3, I'm finding it harder to carve out time to put on makeup and do my hair.  I've been living in $6 sweatpants from Walmart and glasses... and you know what?  I'm fine with that!  Yep, this picture below is how I went to Costo the other day.

BUT I know I don't look good and I really do feel better about myself when I at least slap a little makeup on.  Especially right now while I'm trying to lose this baby weight.  And lets be honest, I'm not one of those people who lose it super quick.   
 With my first child it took me 6 months and with my second, it took me about a year and I was still about 5 pounds over my start weight.  This time around I gained about 45 pounds....AHHHHH I hate even writing it!  But I'm trying to remember to love this body that gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and be patient as I know it's going to take some work, and time, and not going to happen over night.
So with that in mind, I want to start eating better but it's HARD.  Especially when you've been so lax for the last 9 months.  BUT I know every morning when I go to try on my clothes and nothing fits... not even close, that it's time to get serious.  The exercising part is not hard for me... its the diet.
I'm writing this because I need some serious motivation!  I lost 10 lbs in the last 6 weeks by signing up for a boot camp and that really was such a great kick start to get me going.  Now its time to clean up the diet.  Im not exactly sure how I want to proceed though... My friend has had really great success with Weight Watchers so I'm thinking about trying that.  I'm already a member of Tone It Up, and I have their nutrition plan so I might start there.  BUT what I do know for sure is I need to start drinking more water.  So for this week my goal is to drink 70 oz of water a day.  Actually lets make it a month challenge.  Who's with me?

This months challenge:  
Drink 70 oz of water a day!

Starting April 1st and lasting all month, keep track of how much water you drink.  Dont drink it all at once, spread it out for the duration of the day.  To motivate myself, I'm not allowing myself to have a Diet Coke until I have reached my daily water intake.  And I love me some Diet Coke so this is totally motivating for me!

So here's a before and after picture of my last 6 weeks.  I'll be posting one of these babies every month to keep me motivated!
The before picture is from February and the after is in March.


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